Crafty Sunday – Week Eight

Sorry I didn’t post last week, as I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, my boyfriend was in hospital. Anyway I’m back now ready to share some crafty things!


I haven’t actually been very productive lately, I’m still knitting away at my bolero but have yet again run out of wool! I know it’s terrible, it’s never happened to me before but lesson definitely learnt! I’ve also started on a new one, this time using pink Rowan Calmer wool, which I’ve made sure I have plenty of.



Last week we went to visit my brother and I raided his charity shops. I can’t believe how much cheaper they are outside of London, one shop was selling all the clothes for a £1! I picked up three lovely tablecloths, all in great condition and stain free, old tablecloths are a great way to get large amounts of fabric cheaply, I paid around £1.50 each for these.


I also got a great knitting book “Picture” by Marilyn Rawlings and Jane Taylor, the patterns inside are so odd! only in the 80s! I’m going to write up a quick review during the week, prepare yourself for some wacky designs. Behind it is a binder filled with 80’s issues of Pins and Needles magazine, it even has the one from the month I was born (see below).


Yesterday I popped into my local charity shops and found a few great things, we only have two nearby so it can be pretty hit or miss as to whether they have new stuff in. I got two more table cloths for a couple of pounds each, I haven’t really got any solid plans for all these table cloths yet, but I just figure I should buy them when I see them or i’ll regret it later.


I found two great craft books at the salvation army, where books are buy one get one free. I actually used to own “The Sweater Book” a couple of years ago, but must have given it away. I’m terrible for giving things to charity and then realising months later that actually I should have kept them. So I’m glad I found it again, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to share the crazy jumpers, I’ll combine a review for this with the aforementioned “Picture” book during the week.


I promised in my last Crafty Sunday post that I’d share my stash with you, I’ve decided to do my sewing stash this week and my knitting/crochet (which I still can’t do!) stash next week. As you can see from the above picture my sewing stash is crammed into a draw under our bed and yes it’s very messy! I pulled some bit’s out to photograph and moved some bits about so you see it a bit better in the pictures below (I normally keep my scraps in a bag and my ribbons in a separate bag so I’m at least a little organised!).



I don’t think it’s too bad, but I do tend to use most of the fabric I buy pretty quickly, I’d love to see everyone else’s stashes if they feel like sharing!


3 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday – Week Eight

    • lol everything in our flat is stored in glass jars at the moment. My boyfriend gave up smoking a couple of months ago and took up eating pickled onions so we’re overrun by empty glass jars!

      • i love glass jars and it’s a nice way to use rather than dispose of them! my bf hates pickled stuff, so no chance to get any of those here 🙂 i would need some for my vintage wooden reels, actually… i’ll check at the local charity shops..

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