Crafty Sunday – Week Seven

This week I haven’t started any new projects as I wanted to try to finish up the ones I’ve already started.



This morning I finished Dress S from The Stylish Dress book, I decided not take a picture of myself wearing it mostly because I haven’t had a bath yet today! (skanky I know!) But I’ll post one when I write-up my review of the book. The fit is okay and I’m sure I’ll get some wear out of it during the summer, but like I said last week the bust is a bit short and a bit loose so definitely needs to be worn with a belt.

IMAG0623Here is lovely Lily modelling her almost finished skirt, the first thing she said to me when I asked her to try it on was “where are the pom-poms?”  I kinda went pom-pom crazy at Christmas so I’m a bit sick of making them, however I’d to get a pom-pom maker, I’d love to know if any of you have ever tried one and if there any good?


I still haven’t gone to wool a shop! I just don’t trust myself, I’m planning on sharing my stash next week so you’ll see why. I bought one ball of off white mohair from eBay for 75p to try to get the bolero finally finished, it didn’t arrive until Friday so I’ve still got one sleeve and the edging to do. I decided to do an eyelet pattern on the white sections using a guide from Erika Knight’s “101 stitches to knit“, I love this ‘book’ (you can buy it as a book, but I’ve got the box of cards) it’s literally the most useful craft book I’ve ever bought.

IMAG0597 IMAG0600IMAG0628

I made a start on the second painting for our kitchen, it looks a bit rubbish so far, but so did the other one at this stage so I’m trying not to worry about it. I really want to get this finished over the next week!


This week I finally got around to sorting out all the girls baby clothes. I’d just been stashing them away in the hope that one of my friends would pop out a baby girl, this seems unlikely and we want to take the door off the girls storage cupboard to make a walk in wardrobe over the summer so I can’t hold onto to them forever. I sorted them into three piles, recycle (really stained, bobbled or washed out), charity shop (good condition, not sentimental) and keep to reuse (slightly stained, sentimental). The pile above is the keep pile, it was quite immense so I got the scissors out and cut it up into usable squares of fabric (below), there’s quite a lot of jersey which I’m planning to use to make a big patchwork cushion.


My mum had Lily over for a sleepover on Friday night and brought me back an unwanted table-cloth, duvet cover and curtain, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.



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