Kids Knits & The Art of Knitting

I picked up these two books from a couple of charity shops in Putney last week, one was a £1 and the other just a couple of quid such a bargain as they’re both packed full of patterns!


Kids Knit’s by Lesley Anne Price was originally published in 1983 and this is an 1986 reprint, the patterns in this book are mostly for children aged  1-6, although there are some baby ones. These include great classic knits, a couple of very 80’s patterns and a lot of fairisle which personally I don’t think ever really goes out of style. There is also a very good directory at the back, which explains basic knitting technique, different types of yarns and needles.


You can buy a secondhand copy of this book from abebooks here for about £2 plus postage or for about £1 plus postage from amazon uk here.


The art of knitting edited by Eve Harlow offers a very solid history of knitting from it’s origins to the 1970’s when this book was published. Each pattern is inspired by an original historic knitted garment which sometimes works very well and sometimes doesn’t. This book is incredibly seventies with the mustaches to prove it! There are some pattern’s I’d never dream of knitting and some which I’ll definitely use elements of. There is no basic introduction into knitting stitches/skills making this not a book for a beginner, however the patterns use the same abbreviation and instructions as modern patterns so would be no problem for the more experienced knitter.

You can buy a secondhand copy of this book from abebooks here for about £7 plus postage or for a paperback copy from amazon uk here for about £1 plus postage.


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