Friday Favorites – Week One

I love the randomness of a Friday favorites post so I thought I’d start my own, it’s basically just a list of my favorite things this week.

lvintage coatThis stunning coat from Dear Golden Vintage is top of my list, in fact I love everything in their etsy shop, but this 1960’s Lilli Ann coat is perfection also way out of my price range 😦


These French Remis retro fruit print glasses I picked up at a local charity shop for £2, you can get similar here on etsy.


This week I’ve been loving Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, ITV3 have been showing an episode everyday at 11am just when Rosie has her nap.

scathingly brilliant

I’m loving Kate Gabrielle’s blog Scathingly Brilliant, she is just the cutest and a brilliant illustrator.


This book is creeping to the top of my to read list, it just sounds like a fascinating in site into the lives of the six eccentric sisters.


Lastly this week my eBay watch list is for once not filled with dress patterns but vintage/retro children’s fabric, like the above available here.


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