Crafty Sunday – Week Five

Hi! The weeks seem to be flying by this year and I can’t believe its February already! I hope you all like my new header, it’s a couple of pen drawings scanned into the computer then coloured in using ‘gimp‘ (its like a free basic Photoshop). I think I’m finally happy with the way the blog looks so I’ll try to stop messing about with the layout for a while!

IMAG0262Every week I don’t feel like I’ve done much, but as soon as I start photographing things for this post I realise it’s not be so unproductive. This week my main focus was on finishing the Warhol inspired paintings I started for our kitchen over a year ago, but when I got them out of the cupboard i decided to just paint over them and start again. I’ve almost finished the first one, it’s of a Lyle’s golden syrup tin as you can tell by all the wonky lines I just freestyled it. I quite like this effect at the moment, it’s nice to just finally have the confidence to draw a line and not feel the need to keep going over it to make it perfect! However there is a really easy method for getting  a much more professional finish to paintings like this which I intend to share in my first tutorial over the next couple of weeks. I’m still in two minds as to what to do for the second canvas, I was thinking maybe Colman’s mustard or Heinz soup? It was Marmite before I painted over it, but I just wasn’t feeling it.


Stylish Dress Bookkjhkj

I made a start on Dress S from the ‘Stylish Dress Book’, copying out the pattern (which if you have this book you will know is not an easy task!) also the fabric. I chose this blue polka dot floral print from my stash, I don’t usually wear pastels as I’m quite pale but I can always dye it if it really doesn’t suit me. That’s as far as I’ve got with it so no dodgy pictures of me this week! As I wrote last week I really want to make three projects from this book so I can write a fair review but I can’t choose whether to do project D or H next.



IMAG0280I tried my hand at crochet this week using the instruction from the magazine I got last week, it didn’t go well as you can tell by the picture, this small piece which is all wrong took me an hour! I think I might keep my eyes peeled for a good book, I know there are some great tutorials online, but it’s just not the same as being able to flick through and refer back to pages in a book.

IMAG0284I’m STILL knitting the bolero cardigan the back and both sides are finished, I got half way up a sleeve and realised there just isn’t enough wool left to finish them both! The wool I’m using is from the 80s/90s and discontinued and even if by some miracle I could get my hands on a couple more balls chances are they wouldn’t have the same lot number. I’m going to search out a local wool shop and find a similar brushed dk in cream to finish it. I haven’t actually been to a proper wool shop since I moved back to london two and a half years ago, because my stash is crazy full and I can’t be trusted not to buy half the shop! I decided to practice the edging pattern as I couldn’t continue the actual cardigan, I’m glad I did as the pattern notes were different to the usual ones you see and it took me a few tries to get it right.

Lastly I wanted to share the pattern’s I bought on Ebay last week, they arrived a few days ago and I’m so pleased, they are so cute! They were really cheap as well, however I haven’t checked if they’re all complete yet…IMAG0311IMAG0317


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