Crafty Sunday – Week Four

Urgh okay so I wasn’t able to post last week, my broadband is painfully slow at the moment I must have used all my bandwidth and it doesn’t reset until the 1st! But I’ve got a spare hour now while Rosie is sleeping and Lily is at school so I’m going to persevere and to try to share all the things I made and picked up last week.


My bolero is coming along well, I finished one of the front sides and I’m half way through the second, unfortunately I had to go back and unpick some of the bottom of the finished back as it didn’t match! (totally my fault for not following the instructions properly!) But it’s fine now and hopefully I’ll have enough done to piece the bits together this week.


IMAG0208As promised I made Dress E from the stylish dress book and I love it! I’m wearing it right now in fact and now have a pattern all made up for it, I’ll definitely make it again. It’s so much better than week three’s dress which I’m already thinking up ways to up-cycle, jersey fabric does nothing for my massive hips and bum! I’m going to make another dress from The stylish dress book this week probably dress S, I want to make at least three of the projects so I can write a fair review of the book.


I picked up a few crafty things this week, I got these two magazines hoping to be able to use a £5 off voucher I had for WHsmiths only to find it wasn’t valid against magazines!? Oh well going to see my brother at half term and I intend to make good use of his staff discount! I can’t crochet and its one of the things I really want to learn this year, one of my friends just had a baby and I want to make him loads of amigurumi animals. This magazine is surprisingly good, it’s crammed full of usable projects (27 to be exact!) and a real bargain at £4.99 considering you get the free hooks.


I headed over to Clapham Junction last week and had a wonder around the many charity shops, it’s quite an affluent area so I was expecting to find some great stuff. However came home empty-handed 😦 some of the shops were half empty and all the bric a brack looked like new unwanted Christmas gifts, there were no crafty bits in any of them not even any books, no nice scarfs or bags either. I’ll head back in a few weeks on the hope that it was just an off day. When I got back to Wandsworth I headed in to the RSPCA and Salvation army shop and picked up a couple of bits, this cute Siamese cat was a £1, the fruit bowl was also £1 and I got this nice wool too.


I bought a few more dress patterns from eBay last week, but that’s it for a while now as I have more than enough to be getting on with! I fell in love with this cute 70’s one although it’s a lot like week three’s dress. The others are still in the post so I’ll share them next week when they arrive.

I’d love to see what crafty things you all got up to last week, so please feel free to post a link to a blog post or flicker page in the comments!


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