Crafty Sunday – Week Two


This week my boyfriend treated me to a new (well to me anyway!) sewing machine, it’s a Jones sewing machine and I think it dates to the early sixties but I’ve found it really hard to get any information on it. It sews great, came with the manual and loads of extra feet, weighs a ton though! We got it off Gumtree for £35 a lot cheaper than any second-hand newer models I’ve seen. It was really useful to have the bag I started last week to finish while getting use to the new machine, can’t believe how well it runs considering it’s age.

image (23)IMG_0867

Before I got the sewing machine I did loads of knitting! First I finished knitting my cushion cover and I’m really happy with how it came out, I added some military style buttons to the back from my stash and I love the clash of wool with gold. Then I made these cute finger-less owl gloves from a pattern in December’s issue of ‘Mollie Makes’. Now I want to try and knit something I can wear, I’ve knitted clothes for my children but never for myself. So I started making this bolero style cardigan from Making magazine with some wool I bought from a charity shop for about £1 a couple of years ago. Just before Christmas I bought loads of crafty magazines looking for decorations ideas and I was surprised by just how stylish some of them are.

image (24)image (26)

image (28)image (27)

Also this week I wanted to get some new proper paper dress patterns, but I haven’t found a shop which sells a decent selection near me yet. So I turned to eBay and surprisingly the more modern the pattern the more expensive it is! So I bought these cute seventies patterns for a £1 each, they hint at vintage without having to go for an all out look.

image (33)

So excited about finding the liberty book I featured in last weeks post in my local library! I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the patterns. It was also the library book sale so I bought my daughters all of these books for just £1.80, bargain!

image (25)image (35)

This week has been all about dress patterns for me so these two books make the top of my wish list! Hopefully I’ll have enough money to treat myself to one next week.

image (29)image (30)

Lastly I just had to share this amazing cake my friend had her party today to introduce her new baby to friends and family, isn’t it amazing! The dragon was made totally from cream!

image (34)


6 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday – Week Two

  1. Hey! It’s great to see that machines this old can still operate well, I always see machines like this in second hand shops for very cheap. Maybe I should look into getting one since I can’t seem to operate my new computerized one!

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