Crafty Sunday Post

Welcome to my first weekly craft post, I haven’t come up with a snazzy feature name yet so any suggestions are more than welcome! The premise of this post is to share what I’ve been working on during the past week and any great crafty buys or ideas I’ve come across.

I mentioned in my new year post that my local fabric shop has the most amazing new year’s sale on at the moment. Here’s my haul!

Fabric Haul

I spent £36 on 16 meters of fabric! A lot of it I already have plans for when I get a working sewing machine that is!

image (3)image (2)











I’m going to use this pink tweed fabric to make a pinafore dress like this pattern available from kittyfluff on etzy for £4.99.

There are a lot of free pattern’s online, Britney Sherman has a great list here on her blog Va-Voom Vintage (amazing blog btw). Today I printed off two dress pdfs and made my very own little pattern kit’s, I think I’m going to use my new polka dot fabric to make the swing style dress, though I’ll probably update the straps to make it a bit more modern. They are both available for free from burda style‘s site.


Just before Christmas my boyfriend had a week off and decided to redecorate our bedroom, he painted the walls pretty much the same colour blue (although he insists it’s five shades lighter – it’s not!) but put a new bright floral wallpaper up, which means none of our cushions match anymore. I love those knitted pillows you see everywhere now, there’s something so cosy and homey about them, so it was a perfect excuse to make one! I love stripes but I’m stumped as to which side I like more! At the moment I’m leaning towards the pearl side (back) rather than the straight stocking stitch (front), I just the love the texture.

image (5)image (4)











I also started making this small bag this week with some of the fabric from my spending spree, I need something small to hang on my pushchair as I’m fed up with endlessly searching for things in giant bags! The design is based on a Cath Kidston pattern from her book sew.

image (6)

Lastly I wanted to share this amazing book I found in our local salvation army charity shop for £2.75 and it was buy one get one free! It’s called ‘The Girls Book of crafts’ and was published in 1959, so excited that it still has its paper dust jacket as these are always the first things to go with antiquarian books. I’ll do a full post on it in a couple of weeks when I’ve had a chance to make a few of the projects insiimage (9)image (10)de!

image (11)

image (7)image (8)


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