New Year! New Blog!



Sooo it’s been a while… but its a new year and time for a fresh start for the blog. After I’ve spent this week getting caught up with reviewing all the books I’ve read over the past month (it’s been quite a few!) I’m going to start some weekly features. I’m an avid blog reader and some of the best ones use this as a way to motivate and organize themselves, two things I need in abundance this year! So here’s what I’m planning…

Monday – Non fiction book review – I want to read more non fiction this year, I don’t think I’ve ever even read a full biography! Also more historical autobiographies and just general world history as my knowledge is patchy at best! I was given a huge pile of craft and cooking books for Christmas which I want to review as well!

Wednesday – Fiction book review – I’ve got a crazy amount of books on my kindle waiting to be read, I also want to try to read some self published eBooks since last year saw quite a few going on to become best sellers.

Friday – Exhibition review – This year I’m going to branch out a bit more and go see things outside of the art world, I live a bus ride away from the center of one of the worlds most vibrant cities and I can’t help thinking I’m not making the most of it!!

Sunday – Making – I’ll share projects I’m working on, one’s I’ve managed to finish and ones which seem to endlessly drag on… I’m hoping to set up some sort of Etsy shop later in the year so I really need the motivation to step it up a gear!

Unfortunately my sewing machine died yesterday 😦 it was only a cheap JMB one and worked very hard for two years creating things I’ll keep for a life time so it’s a bit sad.. On the plus side my lovely boyfriend has promised to buy me a second-hand one asap until I can afford a fancy new one. Also this week I found out my local fabric shop has the most amazing sale on at the moment, a lot of beautiful fabrics for £2 or £3 a meter. They don’t have an online shop yet, but I’ve been faithfully told one is imminent, if you live in London and can make a detour to lavender hill you will not be disappointed!! I’ll share all my buys (there were a lot!) on Sunday with my first making post.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!


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