Make & Sew – Cath Kidston


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I love Cath Kidston! As a huge lover of floral fabric’s to me the designs are perfection, but I also love the bold and children’s prints, in fact I’d be hard to pushed to find a design I don’t like. When I discovered these book a few years ago I was so excited, it was just when I’d started to learn how to use my sewing machine and the simple instructions were perfect! Here are some pics of my attempts at the included projects…

kjhkhkhkhkhkhkhkjmbmmbmbmbmnbmbnmmnbnmbnnbnmblI I also made a number of bags and cushion’s using the templates which my mother tried to sell at a local craft fair, however my aunt ended up buying them all (no doubt out of sympathy!). I’ve only got a photo of one of them, but below I’ve also included a patchwork cushion I made for my daughter using templates from Sew.

These book are great for a beginner in fact I’d say perfect as long as your sewing machine has a good manual, because there is no help with learning the basic’s of using one. Now that I’m a more proficient sewer I rarely go back to them, except the occasional flick through for gift ideas. Sew includes a huge pattern sheet to make all the projects which is great because so few craft books have one.


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