Making Clothes

Recently I’ve been a bit more skint than usual mostly because the girls broke my laptop and I had to fork out £70 to get it fixed, but lesson learnt I shall no longer leave it open anywhere near my one year old! Why is this relevant? because yet again I got to that point in the month where I decided I just didn’t have anything to wear, so lacking funds to buy something new I hit my remnant bag.

First I made these two simple high-waisted skirts, I’m afraid I didn’t use a pattern or tutorial I just winged it which I know isn’t helpful to anyone who wants tips on how to make their own. However there are a lot of tutorials and patterns for free online and pinterest is a great resource for finding them. Also I’m always open to giving help and advice if people need it.

I’d bought this white eyelet fabric intending to make a light summer top but found I had enough to make an entire dress. The pink cherry blossom accent fabric is quite heavy and would probably be better suited to cushions however I think it works well and it’s only a small section. Yet again no tutorial or pattern used, I was actually really tempted to do one while I was making this dress, but to be honest I’m not sure how universal it would be. Due to the way I’ve button closed the back you have to squeeze it over your bust to get it on and someone with larger bosoms would probably struggle. However thinking about it now I guess they could just add more buttons lower down.


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