Handmade around the home

Our flat is filled with things I’ve made, so I thought I’d go round and photograph some of them and hopefully share ideas along the way.

When I first got into sewing I started with cushion’s because let’s face it there is nothing easier than making a basic cushion. They’re also very forgiving, if you make a mistake it’s easy to rectify without ruining the whole thing and having to start again. Here are some of the cushion’s dotted round our bedroom.

Below is my eldest daughters quilt and also the first quilt I ever made, as you can see it’s pretty basic, but I spent almost a year collecting the fabric and some of the patches are made from her baby clothes and bedding.

This is my daughters bunting I made it to try to cheer their window up, it doesn’t really hide our horrific balcony which looks more like a prison yard than somewhere you’d like to spend a warm summer evening. However living so close to capital I guess we’re lucky to have any outdoor space and you can see the entire London skyline so it’s not all bad.

And here is some bedding I made for my daughter from a large piece of fabric my aunt gave me, I’ve scoured the internet to try to find out its name to no avail. It’s really hard to find cute bedding for toddler bed, vertabaudet have some beautiful ones but they can get quite expensive.


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