Baby Stuff and Cute Dolls – Aranzi Aronzo

I’ve owned these books for at least two years now and often looked through the cute pictures, but never actually made anything. Mostly it’s because hardly any of the templates are full size and I don’t have a printer or scanner or even easy access to a photocopier. However my daughter is now old enough to ask me to make her things and she really wanted the finger puppets. So I had to pull my finger out, stop making excuses and actually make something! I found the instructions very clear and felt is pretty cheap and easy to get hold of, I tend to just pick it up whenever I see it in Poundland so we have a whole hoard of it.

Next she asked me to make her a teddy and with two girls I could hardly make just one. I didn’t have any jersey fabric in my remnants bag but there was awful lot of clothes ready for the charity shop. I hardly used this striped nightgown as I’d only bought it to put in my maternity bag but it was perfect size for the monkey. I also got to reuse one of little Rosie’s old t-shirts with a print that I loved. I freehand copied the templates, enlarging them slightly then followed the instructions.

Below are some of the other ones I’m going to make when I get round to buying some more toy friendly stuffing. They also have a great website which you can find here.



Oh and this book is top on my Christmas list so look out for a review early next year! Also a better camera! sorry about the quality of some of these images!


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