Upcycle Dresses

I own a lot of dresses, I just love them over leggings with a baggy cardi and pair of boots, there is nothing better or more comfy! However a few of my cheaper buys from last year had started to look a bit worse for wear, so inspired by a dress I brought in the sale from ‘New Look’ I decided to refresh them. Unfortunately I didn’t take before shots of all of them, I know not helpful but I’ll try my best to illustrate how they looked before hand!


This grey floral dress I bought from Primark for £5 last summer, I adore the print, but the elastic was going making it too big and the straps had broken more times than I care to remember. To update it I bought a cream t-shirt for £2.50, cut the bottom off and cut the top off of the dress. I then sewed the top half of the t-shirt to the bottom of the dress, making sure to stretch the jersey fabric evenly throughout. I then zigzag stitched over the raw edges (this doesn’t need to be done for jersey as it won’t fray, but I did them both together because it looks neater). To add detail I sewed on a piece of Cath Kidston ribbon around the seam and added some simple pockets using fabric from the discarded top half of the dress. To finished I sewed a piece of elastic along where the inside seam joins the two pieces together so that the waist gathers in (illustrated in a picture below, I know my stitching is wonky but its on the inside so no one will see it!).

These Two (above and below on the right) were made in much the same way as above, but instead of t-shirts I used vests. Previously they both had shirred top halves I’ve posted the floral blue top as example of this. The sailing boat dress was from Very and I can’t remember exactly how much it was but I think it was around £25. The orange floral top was from last years New Look summer sale and cost £5.

I was really pleased with how these came out, it’s like having three new dresses. If you want to see some of my favorite picks for dresses out in the shops at the moment you check out my pinterest page here.


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