Applique and Embroidery

I really enjoy applique and embroidery, although they are both time-consuming I find them very relaxing. Here are a few projects I have done over the last couple of years.

Pirate Tote Bag

I had this plain bag in with my sewing things for over a year, unable to decided what to do with it. While brainstorming ideas for Rosie’s quilt I designed a couple of cute Pirate based ones and decided to do one on this. To start an applique I first design the image, to do this I tend to Google and Getty image search the idea. Then amalgamate the images I like the most into a design, I do this by hand as I’m not overly fond of spending hours on Photoshop and find it a lot easier to simplify the image myself. Another reason I do it by hand is because I know a lot quicker than computer how practical the sections of an image are going to be for applique. Below are my sketches, template and the two images I used as inspiration.


Rosie’s Quilt

I love this quilt made from just using up fabrics in my remnants bag, unfortunately I can’t find any of the sketches I made to design it (will post them if they turn up). I have included below the images which I simplified for the animals.

Pirate bag

Lily v-pillow


Lily’s V-Pillow


I always find it really hard to find cute covers for my daughter’s V-shaped pillow, so instead of making one from scratch I thought I’d decorate a pre-made one. The boats are felt and directly copied out of Cath Kidston’s Make book, which is full of great projects. The Flowers were bought in a pack from Hobby Craft and the rest is all free hand embroidery or cut out felt shapes.


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    • Omg! sorry I’ve only just seen your comment! still getting used to the dashboard! The wallpaper is Laura Ashley (you can get it here), we get most of our wallpaper from there because it’s such good quality and almost always on sale!

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