Contemporary Equine Art Fair – Wandsworth Museum

Although its only a ten minute walk away I’ve never ventured to the Wandsworth museum before, I’d heard they’d started charging £4 for entry and couldn’t help but wonder what they’d put inside to merit this. However I was presently surprised not only have they not started charging yet, but we manged to pass a pleasurable hour within it’s walls. The images online from the equine exhibition were what first tempted me down and I wasn’t disappointed, although it’s a small collection it’s diverse and therefore interesting. I’ve always had a soft spot for equine art, there’s something so majestic and captivating about horses. There are a few interesting pieces included Nicholas Archer’s Frances Bacon inspired cowboys and some strange photographs by american artist Elena Dorfman. The permanent collection is a bit of an eclectic mix of objects quite a few of which wouldn’t look out-of-place in an elderly relatives living room. There are ‘educational’ things for children to play with and beautiful cafe with a reproduction of an old pharmacy in one corner. The staff are lovely and welcoming, so if your in the area it’s                                                                                               certainly worth a visit.


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